“Good luck is often with the man who doesn’t include it in his plans.” – unknown

Luck. Some may define it as the chance happening of fortunate events. Oprah has explained it as preparation meeting opportunity. Gautama Buddha thought that all things which happen must have a cause and do not occur due to luck.

In my 20’s, I began a tumultuous love affair with luck. I was convinced luck had been responsible for me finding a job in television my second week in LA. I thought I was lucky to discover the perfect apartment in Sherman Oaks even though I spent a year apartment hunting. I even thought a little luck helped me to publish my first book. So it’s no surprise that after attributing many of my accomplishments to luck, I was convinced that it was going to rescue me from my past distractions and I would ride off into the sunset with career success.

My dependency caused me to ignore a lot of realities. Although I had this passion to be a writer, my focus was never on writing. Instead, I dedicated my energy and placed all of my fears in the belief that luck would continue to do right by me.  However, the last few years have mostly been filled with resentment and disappointment. So, at 35+, I am breaking up with luck. The dependency has created laziness, self-doubt, and a little bitter entitlement. I now know that luck isn’t responsible for my accomplishments. I AM. I still believe in luck. And maybe one day, we will meet again. But I can no longer depend on it to complete me. So, I am now ready to put in the work to create my own happy ending!



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